Waiting Families

Enjolique and Jacob

Hi there! Our names are Enjolique, Jacob, and Sawyer, and we wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to read about us and hear about our greatest wish: for three to become four! We are a trio built on love and solidified by adoption (Jacob officially adopted Sawyer a couple of years ago), hoping with all our hearts to meet the next member of our family soon.  We consider parenting Sawyer our greatest joy and accomplishment and would be both ecstatic and honored to be able to do it all again with another child.  Sawyer has been looking forward to being a brother or sister since he was old enough to articulate the idea.  With a creative mind and a giant heart, Sawyer will be the kind of big brother who teaches his younger sibling how to make castles out of boxes and duct tape, then takes the time to snuggle up and read books to him or her inside their crafted fort once finished. Our family activities span the gamut—travel, sports, arcades, drive-in movies, animal rescues, we could go on and on.  We find the meaningful and magical and weave it into our everyday lives.  Some of our favorite pastimes include going on adventures through the woods with our two incredible dogs, Bastian (the lovable goofball) and Shadow (the wise one), or snuggling up to read or watch Harry Potter with Atticus (our cuddly and curious hypoallergenic cat).  We enjoy spending quality time together more than anything, and with Jacob’s flexible work schedule and Enjolique’s primary focus being a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom, there are plenty of opportunities for spontaneous fun to be had, valuable lessons to be learned, and meaningful memories to be made on a daily basis.  All that’s missing is one more soulmate—one more little one we know is meant for our family.  We hope with all our hearts to find him or her soon, and we thank you for taking the time to hear and hold space for our wish.