Waiting Families

Kathi and Mark

Hi! We are the Ehrsam(Air-zum) Family...Mark & Kathi, along with our 2 grown boys Cody & Zackary, who are amazing hard working men! We are on a journey to find our Princess that would finally make our family complete! We never planned on it taking this long to expand our family but there isn't an expiration date on your dreams so we are going for it & leaving it in God's hands!! We live a simple life but there is nothing more important to us then our children & I personally think the best thing I've done with my life is being a mom..and we'll Mark is just a big kid! so needless to say we love children!!& would have dozens running around if we could finacially make that happen!! BUT at this moment we are praying we just get the opportunity to change the world for one! And a birth mom would see in us every opportunity & all the love we could give!!