Meet the Board

Holly Rocke


I am in my third year teaching middle school Humanities at Peoria academy, after completing 19+ years as a Professor of Theatre at Eureka College, I am a highly organized, innovative, creative thinker, with excellent interpersonal communication skills. I am data driven in my decision making and excel at creating inclusive environments & working with diverse populations from all socioeconomic levels. I have extensive experience as a director, trainer, teacher, evaluator, and improvement coach for students and peers. I have worked with company-wide DEI Initiatives, and developed various revenue generating workshops.  I have adopted my 13 year old son through the foster care system.  He was 3 days old when he was placed with us.  His adoption took almost 2 years. During that process 2 of his biological half sisters were also placed in our care.  I’m excited to give back and lend my expertise to ABC counseling.