Community Education

Community Education

ABC Counseling & Family Services is uniquely positioned to provide prevention education programs to individuals, schools and community organizations. Our staff are highly trained to discuss difficult topics with care and competence, and we are able to provide support, training and information in a format that meets your group's needs. Our classes can be offered in schools, community groups, churches, or other small groups, and are tailored to the developmental and curricular needs of your group. Services are provided for a reasonable hourly rate, and discounts are offered to schools and not-for-profit groups. Email to discuss how we can help you!




Classes for Young Children

It is important for children to learn about their bodies, how to speak up when they are uncomfortable, and how to seek help if they are hurt. Sample class topics include:

  • Safe People, Safe Places, Safe Touches: Protective Skills for Young Children
  • My Body, My Choice: Healthy Boundaries
  • Protecting Each Other: From Bystander to Standing Up
  • What is Sex?: A Need-to-Know Guide
  • What is Puberty?: Getting Ready for Changes (4th-5th grade)
Education for Preteens and Teens

Youth between the ages of 12 and 18 are going through many developmental changes, and this is also the time during which they are most likely to make unsafe choices around sexual activity. ABC Counseling can help them navigate this difficult time and avoid unsafe and unhealthy decisions. Sample class topics include:

  • What is Consent?: Healthy Boundaries for Early Relationships
  • Babysitter Superpowers: Responsible Behavior with Young Children
  • Public and Permanent: Guide to Using the Internet and Social Media
  • Healthy Relationships: Dating 101
  • Pornography: Escaping the Addiction


Support for Parents and Caregivers

We know that raising kids is hard work! We have decades of experience helping families navigate their children's difficulties related to depression and anxiety, sexual abuse and trauma, foster care and adoption, separation and divorce, and technology safety, to name a few! Sample class topics include:

  • Parenting Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems
  • Public and Permanent: Supervising My Child's Technology Use
  • Parenting the Traumatized Child
  • Supporting My Adopted Child
  • Talking about Hard Things: Addressing Sex, Politics, Religion, Race, and Other Tricky Topics with Children
Training and Continuing Education for Professionals

ABC Counseling is proud to offer education, consultation and clinical supervision services to teachers, daycare providers, social workers and counselors in need of training and professional development. Sample training topics include:

  • Youth with Sexual Behavior Problems: Recognizing the Signs and Preventing Harm
  • Play-Based Therapy with Traumatized Children
  • Healthy Child Development
  • Childhood Mental Health
  • Talking about Hard Things: Addressing Sex, Politics, Religion, Race, and Other Tricky Topics with Children