"I just want to say thank you, again." You have made this a lot easier than I had imagined. I admire all you do."

- ABC Birth Mother


"I wanted to send you a thank you for doing the home study last month and wanted to say you make us feel like rock stars. I think you have the ability of making everyone feel like a rock star. You're an incredible encourager. Just want to say thanks for that."

- ABC Adoptive Mother


"We adopted our baby girl, with the incredible help of ABC Counseling, and the most honest, true, real thing I can say is the waiting is excruciatingly difficult, but totally worth it. Our baby is amazing!"

- ABC Adoptive Father


"I decided to do an open adoption through ABC. I got to know the adoptive couple. I knew my baby would be in very good hands. It was hard for me to place my baby for adoption but at the same time, it was heartwarming. I was giving two people something no one else could - a child to care for and love. I know it was very unselfish and a very smart decision.  I know my baby is getting better care than what I could have given him and I think the Lord for two very special people who are taking very good care of my child."

- ABC Birth Mother