I'm Pregnant

An unexpected pregnancy can bring up a large array of emotions. You may feel overwhelmed or fearful. It may be an exciting time with many unknowns. One thing we do not want you to feel is alone. We are committed to assisting expectant women through this chapter. We are available to assist you in exploring options, connecting you with resources, and providing support.



Whether you choose to parent, terminate, or create an adoption plan is a personal and complicated decision. We will walk with you through this process. While we are an adoption agency, we will never pressure you to place your child for adoption. If you choose to explore that avenue, we will share information with you regarding the process, present profiles of approved prospective adoptive families, assist you with basic needs, and advocate for you and your well-being. 


Adoption is one of the greatest sacrifices a family can make. This is a choice made out of love for a child. Not only can you choose the adoptive family, but you can also choose the level of openness you want for future contact with your child. We look forward to offering information, supporting, and assistance through this time. 


Please call or text Jesse Williams at (309) 306-1714 or email at jesse@abccounseling.org