Domestic Adoption Home Study: What to Expect.

This is a YouTube video by user Angela Braniff. This video tells a brief overview of what to expect from a home study. She also has made other adoption videos on her channel. Videos like these are a good way to improve your understanding and get a perspective of adoption through another adoptive parent. Note: Not all states or agencies will function the exact same, so referencing your agency is always best with specific questions.  
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Lucrece Bundy: Adoption Attorney

Lucrece Bundy is an adoption lawyer with several videos available on her YouTube channel to help answer questions adoptive parents might have and to help them make decisions during the adoption process.  
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Dr. Robin Gurwitch, a professor at Duke University's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and the Center for Child and Family Health, discusses tips about how to best work with prenatally exposed children.

Listen here: Parenting Kids With Prenatal Exposure Part 1

In this podcast, Kathy Hotelling, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, discusses the transition into adolescence and adulthood for children that have been affected by prenatal exposures.


Listen here: Parenting Kids with Prenatal Exposure Part 2

Dr. Mona Delahooke, a clinical child psychologist, discusses prenatal alcohol and drug exposure and the long-term impacts. 


Parenting a Child with Prenatal Exposure