Services for Families

Services for Families

ABC offers psycho educational classes for parents of sexually abused children and offenders. Topics of the classes include:

  • Definitions of sexual abuse

  • Long-term and short-term effects of sexual abuse on children and their families

  • Strategies for parents with children who sexually act out

  • Sexual Abuse Cycle

  • Treatment for sexual abuse victims and children with sexual behavior problems

  • Normal/abnormal sexual behaviors in children

  • Types of sexual offenders

  • Additional issues related to child abuse

These classes are scheduled about every three months at various times to accommodate as many people as possible.  The group is NOT a therapy group, and disclosure is discouraged.

The purpose of the group is to educate parents who have experienced sexual abuse in their family. The psycho-educational classes are open to anyone who wants to learn more about sexual abuse. However, due to the nature of the topics covered in this class, we do not accept participants who have been indicated and/or prosecuted for sexual abuse.