Books for Children

Books for Children

Hair Love

Zuri's hair has a mind of its own. It kinks, coils, and curls every which way. Zuri knows it's beautiful. When Daddy steps in to style it for an extra special occasion, he has a lot to learn. But he LOVES his Zuri, and he'll do anything to make her -- and her hair -- happy.

Purchase here: Written by Matthew A. Cherry

A is for Activist

A is for Activist is an ABC board book written and illustrated for the next generation of progressives: families who want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that activists believe in and fight for.

Purchase here: Written by Innosanto Nagara

Don't Touch My Hair!

An entertaining picture book that teaches the importance of asking for permission first as a young girl attempts to escape the curious hands that want to touch her hair.

Purchase here: Written by Sharee Miller

Something Happened in Our Town: A Child's Story about Racial Injustice

Something Happened in Our Town follows two families — one White, one Black — as they discuss a police shooting of a Black man in their community. The story aims to answer children's questions about such traumatic events and to help children identify and counter racial injustice in their own lives.
Purchase here: Written by Marianne Celano

Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment

When Parker Curry came face-to-face with Amy Sherald’s transcendent portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery, she didn’t just see the First Lady of the United States. She saw a Queen—one with dynamic self-assurance, regality, beauty, and truth who captured this young girl’s imagination.

Purchase here: Written by Parker Curry

ABC, Adoption & Me - A Multi-Cultural Picture Book for Adoptive Families

ABC, Adoption & Me by Gayle H. Swift. This story can help you have some of the difficult discussions with your child about how they came to be a part of your family. It tackles tough topics like interracial adoption, feelings of abandonment, and biological roots.

Purchase here: Written by Gayle H. Swift.

Bee-Bim Bop!

A Korean-American girl celebrates food and family in this cheerful picture book about cooking with Mama. The energy and enthusiasm of the young narrator are conveyed in the whimsical illustrations, which bring details from the artist’s childhood in Korea to his depiction of a modern Korean American family. Even young readers who aren’t familiar with the dish will recognize the pride that comes from helping Mama, the fun of mixing ingredients together in a bowl, and the pleasure of sharing delicious food. Includes author’s own recipe.

Purchase here: Written by Linda Sue Park

Dim Sum for Everyone!

A Chinese American family sits down to enjoy a traditional dim sum meal. Dumplings, cakes, buns, and tarts are wheeled out in little dishes on trolleys, and each family member gets to choose a favorite treat!
Lin’s bold and gloriously patterned artwork is a feast for the eyes. Her story is simple and tailor-made for reading aloud to young children, and she includes an informative author’s note for parents, teachers, and children who want to learn more about the origins and practice of dim sum.

Purchase here: Written by Grace Lin


A Japanese heritage book. The charming, acclaimed book about a cat who is teased for the food she brings for school lunch—and that launched the beloved series about Yoko—is about accepting and embracing our differences.
Purchase here: Written by Rosemary Wells