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Services for parents and Caregivers


We know that it can incredibly frightening, stressful and overwhelming when trauma affects your family. It is also extremely important that parents can remain emotionally regulated and cope well, in order to help their children do the same. We offer individual and family counseling to address the needs of parents and caregivers, whether you are:

  • A biological parent struggling to manage the demands of working with the child welfare system
  • A foster parent coping with emotional and behavioral difficulties of the children in your care
  • An adoptive parent/guardian working hard to help your child cope with trauma, grief and loss
  • A non-offending parent whose child has been a victim of sexual abuse or trauma
  • An adult who experienced abuse/trauma in childhood and needs someone to talk to
  • A parent whose child has engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior, and may be involved in the court system




Psychoeducational Classes

We offer educational classes for parents and caregivers who would like to learn more about how to parent a child who has been a victim of sexual abuse or engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior. Unlike individual counseling, these classes are offered in a group setting, with other parents in the same situation, and are informational in nature. These classes are offered a few times a year, either on a Saturday all day, or one hour per week for eight weeks. Whether you are court-ordered to take the class or would just like more information and support, we can help. Classes may be covered by your insurance, or can be paid for out of pocket.


Chaperone Classes

For parents and caregivers who are seeking reunification with an offender, you are likely in need of information about how to appropriately supervise your child to ensure their safety. We offer 12-week classes to help you and your partner develop healthy communication skills, a relapse prevention plan, and family safety rules. The psychoeducational class is a prerequisite for the chaperone class, and the offender's therapist must provide a referral, background information and ongoing communication about the status of the offender's treatment. Open, cooperative communication is vital for the successful completion of the chaperone classes. While we know that bringing your family back together is extremely important, child safety is our number one priority, and we want to make sure you have the tools to achieve both goals. Classes may be covered by your insurnace, or can be paid for out of pocket.


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